Premium ‘Cast (November 2012) - (From The Archives 4) DJ Pez Live @ PLUR 2003

Title: Live Bootleg @ PLUR 2003

This is a set I played in a little basement below a little shop down a narrow brick-lined alley in Los Angeles... basically, an underground playground for candy kids and other denizens of a bygone era.  I had three decks going, two vinyl and one CD... listen for some epic 3-way mixes.  I don't know who recorded this... a fan gave me a CD with this set on it randomly at a show a few weeks after I played this set, and it is not complete; there are tracks missing from the beginning and end.  It doesn't sound awesome... but it's raw and kinda classic.  There are some pops and beeps in the mix... but sound quality has been improved quite a bit over the original recording.  This is from the era just before the big hiatus... it might give some insight into what eventually led to Dr. Know coming into existence.  DJ Pez played a lot of old trance and it was time to for a new moniker to match a new emerging sound... Long time listeners will recognize a lot of these tracks, they have been scattered throughout the podcast here and there.  I have filled in the track list to the best of my memory and will finish it up as I remember more.

Mixed By: DJ Pez (AKA Dr. Know)

  1. Mellow Trax VS War - Lowrider
  2. ?? - Paint it Black; VS
  3. Mars - ??
  4. ?? - The Space Programme; VS
  5. DJ CA - Block in the Back; VS
  6. Safari Duo - Played A Live (The Bongo Song); VS
  7. Jurgen Vries - The Theme
  8. ?? - Combi-Nation
  9. ?? - Shake It
  10. ?? - Burn

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