Transistor Remix 4 - Operation Ricochet

Title: Operation Ricochet

Mixed By: Dr. Know & effyu

  1. System of a Down - BYOB (IKKI Remix)
  2. Seldiv (Daft Punk VS Dyro) - Daftastic Technologic
  3. Dr. Know (Eminem VS Sylver.S VS Dr. Gonzo VS Daft Punk VS Robot Voices) - We Made You Technologic
  4. effyu (Paula Lobos & Audio Stalkers VS Feed Me & Hadouken VS Nero) - Me and My Trapdoor
  5. effyu (Duck Sauce & Dada Life VS Bruno Barudi) - The Big Bad Horn
  6. effyu (System of a Down & Gtronic VS Stevie Nicks & Secret Panda Society) - Edge of Chop Suey
  7. Dr. Know (Martins Cortes VS The Beatles VS LMFAO) - Twisted, Sexy, & I Know It
  8. Tomas Arison (Deadmau5 VS Chris Lake) - The Reward Is Only One
  9. Dr. Know (Calvin Harris VS Mord Fustang) - We Are Now Bouncing
  10. Dr. Know (Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner VS Mora Sky) - Channel 42
  11. Knife Party - Internet Friends (Revolvr Remix)
  12. Wolfgang Gartner (Talking Heads VS Mode Hookers) - Once in a Life Time, Breathe
  13. Rabbit Killer & Farleon - Super Game
  14. La Roux - In For The Kill (Skrillex Remix)

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